Reasonable prices

Obviously, the cost of labor is much cheaper overseas. Why pay a local developer $150/hr when you might be able to get the same work done for a quarter of the cost, from another country? Then, you could use the cost savings to build more feature-rich application.

Excellent Team

We assign (3-5 people) of senior developers to projects. In our experience, a small team of veterans delivers faster and better results than larger teams of inexperienced developers. If the project cannot be delivered in the timeframe, we subdivide the project into sub-projects and define the strict programming interfaces between them.

Great Communication

Our team consists of people from multiple nationalities. We have experience working with large companies, which we've supported them through Skype calls or meetings, spoken in multiple languages like English, Turkish, Albanian, etc.

80+ Clients Internationally

TOMPlabs creative agency has more than 80 clients internationally. 75 of the clients host their websites at our servers which we also take care of security,backups and maintainence part of their websites. Our clients are from: USA, Canada, Italy, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Azeribajan, Dubai, Georgia and Australia.