The Kosovo advantage

According to figures recently released by the Government, Kosovo has the youngest population (53% of Kosovo are aged under 25) in Europe, Kosovo recorded a 20 – 30% growth rate and it’s leading the way in the BPO/ITO sector.

These allow Kosovo to offer all remote services. In this most important trend, Kosovo has emerged as one of Europe's top locations for global sourcing of IT services.

Breaking the Language barrier

Kosovars speak English with a proper American accent that you can't tell them from native speakers. US companies in the IT, travel, financial, and e-commerce industries are now willing to serve their customers in additional languages beyond English, such as German, Spanish.

Kosovo is the best place to outsource and two overcome language barierrs.

Qualified Young Staff

Highly skilled workforce

Kosovo produces a high number of graduates in Europe, with a majority of them holding a bachelor’s degree, thereby providing a big pool of human capital to power the BPO/ITO industry.

The educational system also focuses on core engineering and mathematical sciences, churning talents into IT and financial services market.


There is a huge range of advantages when outsourcing IT services to Southeast Europe. The most obvious is the cutting of costs. Outsourcing companies in this region pay their employees’ lower wages, and they can pass some of that savings onto their clients.

Since these resources are not on your business's payroll, outsourcing also brings significant reductions in capital investments – you only pay for the work that you needed to be done, and don't have to worry about any additional overheads.

Qualified Young Staff

Time Zone

Kosovo is closer than you think. Located in the UTC+01:00 – (CET) Zone. It’s just less than 4 hours flight to London and less than 2 hours from Berlin.